Annmaree Nicholls

As a middle age women I attend so that I can participate in life. Such as picking up & around with grandkids or go to the zoo & walk around all day. I don’t need to train for a marathon or mud run, I train for life and to be an active participant! Group outdoor training has and does help me do this.


Clare Matthews

Tiv is dedicated professional trainer whose sessions are always varied, interesting and individualized to meet the needs of his clients. His enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness is truly transformative, motivating us to make healthy choices and to persist on our fitness journey.


Heather Grady

Tiv has helped me make fitness part of my life. It has taken me from never exercising to being strong & fit by providing manageable goals & encouraging me along the road to success. Who knew this could be so much fun!


Michael Matthews

Tiv is a professional trainer who is passionate and dedicated towards achieving his clients goals and individualizes activities to meet individual needs. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and presents sessions professionally in a relaxed environment.


Nerida Blackstone Mcllwain

We love what we do and love to have others see what fitness and exercise can do for you!


Nicholas Turner

Alpha Trainer Fitness Solutions
Training with Tiv has been a great experience. He has enabled me to reach my goals and then exceed them. For anyone thinking of taking up personal training to reach a goal or just for general fitness, I’d highly recommend Tiv Nightinale.


Nicole Calnan

Tiv and the team make every workout lots of fun. My health and fitness improved and Tiv is always finding new ways for me to challenge myself.



Since beginning outdoor group training I have gained, improved my health and fitness. I have completed events that I would never have thought since joining this fantastic team. The support from Tiv is fabulous.

Nathan Hobson – Essential Employment & Training

Our sessions are well planned and tailored to my needs. Tiv is a supportive and motivational trainer and his sessions allow me to achieve maximum benefit & enjoyment. These sessions have allowed me to be more productive in my job.

Kasandra Leha – Essential Employment & Training

Since commencement of training I have seen a massive change in my body, mind and health. Tiv is such a great trainer and motivator.

Kristina Karanfilovski – Essential Employment & Training

Since commencing training with Tiv, I have gained more confidence in myself. I have also lost 3kgs since starting wellbeing training and I have Tiv to thank for, for pushing my limits. I recommend Tiv to anyone for his thorough training and for not letting me give up.

Marg Wearing – Essential Employment & Training

Our EET Wellbeing Program with TIv has a great atmoshpher. We are not only fit but also building great office relationships as we are all getting to know each other outside of the office in a different environment. Thank you EET & Tiv for providing this opportunity, we have a few laughs but work hard at the same time.

Loan Nuttel – Essential Employment & Training

I really appreciate being able to train during my lunch break (thank you EET!!). I have enjoyed the challenge and seeing the positive results. Tiv is patient but firm and pushes me past my laziness. Thanks Tiv!

Toni Losinno – Essential Employment & Training

Tiv has been the first trainer in a long time to motivate me enough to keep attending my sessions. Our team at EET have found him to be personable, inspiring and motivating. He has engaged us all through his 1:1 approach as well as team building exercises. Through our Corporate Health & Well Being program, we have achieved not only good health sense, but, strengthened our team bond. Thank you Tiv – your work is greatly appreciated and valued.

Michelle Rossi – Essential Employment & Training

Been working with Tiv for just over 18 months! Tiv embodies change. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, he has trained my attitude while I trained my body. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the coming months ahead!

Group training led by Tiv has been a ‘game changer’ for me. It has simply given me a better platform to take on the many & varied challenges needing to be faced. Tiv is professional, motivational and I believe that he genuinely sees what each individual can accomplish even when we don’t. Thank you Tiv.


EET WorkForce Fit Program
All I can say really about it is that it’s incredibly fun and it’s great for overall fitness. It gives us something to do besides our daily routines. We get to meet fantastic amazing people and to work on our fitness goals all thanks to this program. I am loving it and really helps me relax more as I don’t have so much pent up energy.


I have found the program to be thoroughly enjoyable, it has pushed me a lot as a person and has also increased my self belief. It’s helped me to get fitter and healthier. I would really like the program to continue.


Well I know one thing, I’m more motivated and proud of myself and I don’t want to stop. I keep going, I know it’s a bit early to say I lost weight because I haven’t. I do know that I can move my arm now better than before. Thankyou Tiv, you been a great help and yes I want to come twice a week. It’s been so inspiring to see my daughter, she’s noted the changes in me.

Nathan Whalan

It has been a very well planned out exercise that suits everyone’s needs and helps with fitness and achieving my fitness goals.


Prior to this program I was lacking in motivation and desire to improve myself and my diet. Throughout this program I have undertaken improvements in lifestyle, eating healthily and improving myself at home.

Kim Towell

Outdoor Group Training
I love this program! It has renewed my enjoyment of exercise and fitness. Tiv is very motivational and im sure I can stick out this program long term.

Mal Thomas

Great friendly atmosphere, never gets boring.


I have been doing group training with TIv since 2014. Always great sessions, always different. Great bunch of people, very friendly atmosphere. (as well as competitive at times!)


I have been training with Tiv for 6 months. The friendship of the group though non judging competitive atmosphere and the professionalism of Tiv gave me the strength to step back on my feet and achieve great results!

David Nicholls

Great venue, friendly people, and challenging trainer. I am easily motivated to give my best every session!

Crystal Sergi

Alpha Trainer Outdoor Squad keeps me motivated and makes training interesting & fun. The longest fitness training I’ve have ever stuck with…since March 2013.

Kylie Lefebvre

Tiv is dedicated and motivating trainer and the outdoor group training is the only training program I have stuck with now for nearly 12 months…since December 2014

Troy Wiseman

Tiv’s program keeps me motivated and on track for my fitness goals.

Mitchel Palmer

I can highly recommend Tiv Nightingale as a fitness instructor. Tiv is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He motivates us to push past our comfort zones to get results. I have been training with Tiv for nearly 5 months. I have more energy, and am feeling fitter now than I have in a decade.

David Barnes

I started training just to keep up with the kids. After 4 years, 3x Tough Mudders, and consistent training I now feel and live a lot better and have lots more energy than before.

Gary Thatcher

Since commencing Tiv’s Alpha Training I have notice a complete improvement of my overall fitness as well as better understanding of what is required of my lifestyle to accomplish my fitness goals.

Corey Pearson

I’ve been doing group training with Alpha Trainer now for nearly 2 years and I love it. It’s become a part of my life and my weekly routine. I feel better, have lost weight and toned up. Great team and every day is a new test.